My dissertation evaluates parties’ group appeals to voters as representational claims, understood to be the first step in the process of political representation. Using a novel dataset built from party manifestos, printed campaign advertisements, and parties’ names of parties in Israel and the Netherlands between 1977-2015, the dissertation also examines how these appeals impact the processes of coalition formation and choice of candidate selection method.

During my MA in Political Science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I worked as the primary research assistant to Prof. Gideon Rahat on the first round of The Political Party Database Project.

Peer-reviewed publications

Parties’ Group Appeals Across Time, Countries, and Communication Channels—Examining Appeals to Social Groups via the Parties’ Group Appeals Dataset. Party Politics. Online First October 2022.

What Determines a Party’s Choice of Incumbent Renomination Process? The Case of the British Labour Party, 1979-2017. Representation. Published online July 2021.

Other Publications and outputs

“PGAD – Parties’ Group Appeals Dataset”,, Harvard Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:xBsT/Yfi7i5AAwi8M8LKlw== [fileUNF]

Book review: Policy-making in coalition governments. Book review of The Cycle of Coalition. How Parties and Voters Interact Under Coalition Governance, Cambridge University Press. European Political Science, online first, February 11.

Book review: The Reshaping of West European Party Politics: Agenda-Setting and Party Competition in Comparative Perspective, by Christoffer Green-Pedersen, Oxford University Press 2019. Representation. Published online July 2021.

Working papers / Projects

  • Parties’ Group Appeals – Automting Extraction from Political Texts (with Lena Maria Huber and Will Horne)
  • Fitting the Odd Parties In—Parties’ Group Appeals and Their Implications for Coalition Formation
  • Why This and Not the Other? Group Appeals and Parties’ Choice of Candidate Selection Methods

Public engagement

In this Political Studies Association blog post: The State of Israeli Politics: Elections and Group Appeals, I discuss the current state of Israeli politics as the country heads for its fourth general election in 24 months and the concept of group appeals, reflecting on its usefullness for understanding politics.

In this LSE Government blog post: What do parties say and who do they say it to? Election campaigns as more than just policy appeals, I lay out the argument for considering not just parties’ policy positions but also who they direct messages towards when they campaign

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