I am a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Politics and International Relations, working with WP6 of the Horizon2020 Observatory of Political Texts in European Democracies—A European Research Infrastructure (OPTED) Project.

l have a PhD in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University. My research interests include Comparative Party Politics, Candidate Selection, Coalition Formation, Western European Politics, British Politics, and Israeli Politics. Focusing on political parties, I seek to understand both their internal functions and their interaction with one another in party systems.

Along my work in the OPTED project, I am currently working on publishing chapters from my dissertation project entitled Parties’ Group Appeals and Their Implications for Inter- and Intra-Party Behavior. In this project, which joins the developing scholarship on group appeals, I provide a new defintion of the concept and examine it from the perspective of political representation. Using a novel dataset that is both across time and across space, I compare parties’ group appeals in manifestos, print campaign ads and parties’ names. In the second part of the dissertation, I use parties’ group appeals as a continuous, independent variable to examine patterns of coalition formation and choice of intra-party candidate selection methods.