Hello and Welcome!

I am a PhD Candidate in the Department of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University. My research interests include Comparative Party Politics, Candidate Selection, Coalition Foramtion, Western European Politics, British Politics, and Israeli Politics. Focusing on political parties, I seek to undertand both their internal functions and their interaction with one another in party systems.

I am currently working on my dissertation project provisionally entitled Parties’ Representational Claims and their Implications for Inter- and Intra-Party Behavior. In this project I propose a new classification of political parties that brings together their engagement in both the politics of issues (appeals on policy positions—what parties say) and the politics of identity (appeals to demographic groups—who parties say it to). This classification is demonstrated with a new dataset constructed via content analysis of parties’ printed campaign advertisements and campaign manifestos and then examined for its usefulness in explaining coalition formation and intra-party candidate selection.

In a recent LSE Government blog post: What do parties say and who do they say it to? Election campaigns as more than just policy appeals, I lay out the argument for considering not just parties’ policy positions but also who they direct messages towards when they campaign.