I am a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at University College Dublin, School of Politics and International Relations, working with WP6 of the Horizon2020 Observatory of Political Texts in European Democracies—A European Research Infrastructure (OPTED) Project. I recieved my PhD in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University.

My research interests include comparative party politics, group appeals, political representation, intra-party candidate selection, and text-as-data, motivated by questions of the representative relationship between political parties and voters as a core aspect of modern democracies. Focusing on how political parties as collective bodies of representation go about shaping their relationship with society, I use computational text analysis methods to examine patterns of group-based appeals in parties’ election materials over time and across countries. Within this research agenda, I am currently developing a new, large-scale dataset on parties’ group-based appeals and a conceptual framework linking group-based appeals to representative claims to expand our understanding of the party-voter representative relationship. In addition, in my work with WP6 of the OPTED Project, I examine different aspects of available approaches to multilingual computational text analysis.

The first article published from my monograph PhD dissertation titled “Parties’ group appeals across time, countries and communication channels—examining appeals to social groups via the Parties’ Group Appeals Dataset” is available in open access at Party Politics

The Parties’ Group Appeals Dataset (PGAD) is available here: https://doi.org/10.7910/DVN/NZQGST